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Remember the doctor's name


Pharmaceutical Representative

There's no better way to attract a doctor's attention than to mention his or her name.

The most important word in the human language to each and every one of us is our own name. When someone remembers your name, you feel important. When you hear your name, you immediately look at the speaker and begin the process of active listening. Therefore, there's no better way to attract a doctor's attention than to mention his or her name.

The advantages of name recall

You have the ability to develop instant rapport when you use the doctor's name. It impresses people because you register in their heads over a period of time that you're not just another sales person trying to sell them something. It opens up another level of communications. It can break the barrier of being strangers. It helps to develop a different level of relationship.

But, in addition to developing rapport with you, the doctor will listen to you because you have heightened their attention when they hear the sound of their own name.

Recall techniques

Remembering names requires your attention, active listening and repetition. When you hear the doctor or a member of his or her staff's name, repeat the name at the end of your conversation or ask the person to repeat it or spell their last name. Don't forget to listen as the person says or spells it. You'll usually see a smile on his or her face, because asking about his or her name can be perceived as a sign that you are truly interested in that person. It's a signal that you want to remember him or her.

Use your imagination. As soon as you say or hear the name, quickly create a silly or ridiculous picture for the last name. The more ridiculous the image you mentally create, the better. Don't be concerned with the logic of your image. Use the symbols of the person's name to create your picture or use a word that sounds like the persons name. And be sure to insert the first name into your image as well. If you meet Dr. Neil Baum you might think of a bomb coming out of a kidney to associate me as a urologist. And see the kidney "kneeling" to recall my first name. If you meet Anton Zelman, you might associate his name with an ant carrying a "ton" of brains as an anchor to his interest in mind skills. Each day you meet a doctor try to translate it into an absurd mental picture or image and then place the picture somewhere on the person's face.

Chances are you won't even have to see the person to recall his or her name. The mere fact that you are taking the time to focus on his or her name is a key step to remembering it.

Getting started

Remembering names is like any other skill you want to enhance. Increasing your memory skills is the same as exercising the muscles of your body; you begin by making a series of commitments.

Begin by making a decision to change and tell yourself that increasing your recall of names is important to you. Next remember that the mother of memory skills is repetition. You must commit to the discipline of exercising these skills over and over again.

You can be sure that you will impress your physicians and their office staffs when you take the time to remember their names. You spend many hours learning about your product, the indications, the contraindications, and the benefits of your drug. Take just a few seconds to improve the memory skills that will help you solidify your relationship with your doctor by remembering his or her name. PR

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