Author | Nick Hicks

Nick Hicks

is principal of Commutateur, a healthcare coaching and communications agency.


Can Med Tech Follow Pharma's Lead in Patient Advocacy?


The drive towards greater patient centricity in the med tech industry has been reinforced by new EMA legislation. Can med tech follow pharma's example in engaging with patient advocates?

Patient Input and Patient Preference Studies


Patient preferences are increasingly seen as valuable in healthcare policy decision-making, but such studies are not always easy to design and implement, writes Nick Hicks.

The Paradox of Disease: Pointers for Better Patient Centricity?


As pharma continues to move towards "beyond the pill" strategies, better understanding of patients' sometimes paradoxical view of disease can help lead to strategies for helping them live more productive lives, writes Nick Hicks.

What Makes a Good Patient Advocacy Strategy in Russia and CIS?


Nick Hicks looks at the challenges of devising a patient advocacy strategy amid the complex political, cultural and regulatory landscape of Russia and CIS.