Stephen E. Littlejohn

Stephen Littlejohn is President of Climb the Curve Communications


Walgreens: Purveyor or Provider?

The merger announcement from Walgreens Boots Alliance and Rite Aid throws up an interesting question, writes Stephen Littlejohn. Will Walgreens be purveyor focused on retail sales or provider engaged with a transforming U.S. healthcare system?

Scaling the Limits of Scale: The PBM Path to Value-Based Healthcare

Scale has its limits, as the nation’s two largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), Express Scripts and CVS Caremark, are discovering. Stephen Littlejohn reports.

Express Scripts 2020: Back to the Future?

The clocks are ticking for Express Scripts, writes Stephen E. Littlejohn. Having achieved formidable “size and scale,” how will the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit manager synchronize with value-based health care?

High Drug Prices: What Would Donald Trump Say

A recent poll reported that most Americans think drug prices are unreasonably high, but that 76% of Republicans prefer market competition over government regulation to lower prices. Stephen Littlejohn imagines what Donald Trump would say on the matter.

Boeing, Going, Gone: The End of Group Health Insurance

Come fall, Boeing employees in St. Louis and South Carolina will get a new coverage alternatives in addition to their Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans.