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From Lab to Life: Improving Patient Lives through Community-based Healthcare and Decentralized Clinical Trials

In Episode Three of the Syneos Health Dedicated Dialogue podcast series, we uncover how the proliferation of new digital health technologies, telemedicine and mobile nursing services are helping fuel novel clinical trials. These range from community-based studies, which are administered through PCPs, local health centers and outpatient facilities in lieu of academic research centers, to hybrid and fully virtual trials designed around patients in their homes, with or without a synthetic control arm replacing patients on placebos. Additionally, we share new insights about how trial sponsors discovering new ways to engage participants, enhance data capture and devise pathways to put patients at the center of clinical trials across the biopharmaceutical product development continuum.

From Lab to Life: Accelerating End-to-End Drug Development to Bring Medicines to Patients Faster

In Episode Two of the Syneos Health Dedicated Dialogue podcast series, we reveal how harnessing broad expertise across the product development lifecycle leads to relevant, effective and efficient solutions that speed commercial success and bring novel drugs to patients sooner to improve patient care.