Tom Norton

Tom Norton is Principal at NHD Smart Communications of Illinois, Inc.


Springtime for Pharma?

Even though pharma's “dark days” are fading away, the chill of the last few months will not soon be forgotten, writes Tom Norton.

Presidential Candidates & Rx Policy

As that nation heads towards its first presidential primaries of the 2016 election, pharmaceutical executives should take a few minutes to consider where the leading candidates stand on U.S. Rx policy. Tom Norton takes a look.

The Pathway to Public Rx Price Controls in 2016

The issue of drug price controls in public prescription programs has long been a point of contention. But today, writes Tom Norton, as several historical and contemporary factors continue to line up, we may be on a pathway to changing that.

2015 Medicaid Drug Price Controls: The Past is Prologue?

As the case decades ago, the “drug line” continues to be a major, if not the primary, concern of Medicaid administrators across the nation.