Accent on Accessibility

Program provides effective, cost-efficient way to help patients overcome affordability barriers and obtain the critical medicines they need.

Patient Support Services - A Model for the Middle

At the recent CBI Patient Assistance and Access Programs conference in Baltimore, Doyle elaborated on issues related to patient access and education that are causing currents in the traditional patient support models.

January 2017: Setting the Pace for the Patient Journey

How Triplefin’s suite of hub-based e-solutions and customized investments in the “human touch” are outrunning the clock on prior authorization claims-a key source of delays in patient speed to therapy.

December 2016: Digital and Human Touch Define Next-Generation Hub

In the battle to differentiate a drug from others in the same therapeutic class, it's keeping an "incisive edge" around services delivery that counts.

May 2016: The Future of Hub Services: Higher Touch, Less Complexity

As competition in a diversifying specialty drug business rises to fiver pitch, manufacturers are seeking new ways to differentiate the product servicing model to help their brands stand out. Triplefin's Hub-Lite™ program is adapting to these new expectations with a customized set of services geared to specialty's biggest growth segment: mid-range therapies with higher price tags than traditional retail pharmacy but significantly lower than high-end specialty pharma.

April 2016: The Goldilocks Hub

The gap is continually growing between high-priced specialty therapies and retail pharmaceuticals. At CBI’s 6th Annual Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference in Philadelphia this February, Triplefin’s Myra Reinhardt, Vice President of Product Strategy, discussed how Hub services can be tailored to fit “just right” for brands with price points and patient service requirements that are neither too big nor too small.