William Borden

William Borden is a freelance journalist covering the pharmaceutical industry. He is based in New Jersey.


Discerning Dealmaking: Caution Flag Still Raised in Biopharma M&A Race

Big pharma’s finicky appetite for M&A comes as valuations of sellers soften. Though the pace of deals has picked up some, predicting just how long both sides will hold tight remains difficult.

The Price of Innovation: ‘Paying for a Cure’ Remains Costly Proposition

Curative-type therapies offer great hope in further transforming treatments for cancer and other diseases, but addressing the economics of these products—and ultimately the cost-benefit equation—is daunting. What is being done to smooth the path for pricing and reimbursement?

A Complex Patent & Pricing Picture: Regulating Psychedelics More of a Journey Than a Trip

Pharma and legal experts weigh in on the rush to secure intellectual property around psychedelic medicines, the value imperative that should govern pricing strategies, and the likely long-haul battle for more widespread decriminalization of these drugs.