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Addressing Roadblocks in Decentralized Trials


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In a recent virtual roundtable discussion, industry experts Jim Streeter, Alison Holland, Hassan Kadhim, Craig Lipset, Josh Rose, and Craig Serra shared their insight on the challenges faced in implementing decentralized trials and how to address them. Along with the roundtable are video discussions covering the cost and feasibility of a toolkit approach to decentralized trials, the significance of minimizing burden to patients and sites, and the reality of regulatory hurdles.

Visit The Future of Clinical Trials to learn more about the methods and approaches that sponsors and clinical research organizations are employing to tackle the new challenges in the changing data landscape in decentralized clinical trials.

Oracle would like to thank the following participants:

Jim Streeter
Global Vice President
Life Sciences Product Strategy
Oracle Health Science

Alison Holland
Head of Decentralized Trials

Hassan Kadhim
Global Head of Clinical Trial Business Capabilities
Clinical Innovation & Industry Collaborations
Global Development Operations
Bristol Myers Squibb

Craig Lipset
Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance

Josh Rose
VP and Global Head
IQVIA Decentralized Trials

Craig Serra
Clinical Technology and Innovation

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