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Ascent Pediatrics expands


Pharmaceutical Representative

Ascent Pediatrics announced that it plans to expand its field sales force.

One year after Ascent Pediatrics was formed to develop and promote pharmaceutical products exclusively to children, the Wilmington, DE-based firm announced that it plans to expand its field sales force.

In response to a recently announced agreement with Warner-Lambert Co., Ascent will expand its sales force by 34% in order to copromote the cephalosporin antibiotic Omnicef® to pediatricians.

"This increase in sales personnel will enable Ascent to seek additional opportunities for introducing significant new pharmaceutical products to the pediatric market," said Alan Fox, president and CEO of Ascent.

In 1997, the pediatric market for pharmaceutical products was estimated to be worth approximately $4 billion.

Currently, Ascent promotes Feverall® Acetaminophen Suppositories and Pediamist® Nasal Mist. In the second half of 1999, Ascent said it expects to begin marketing two new markets, pending FDA approval. The products are Primsol® Solution, an antibiotic for acute otitis media, and Oraped,® an improved tasting formulation of liquid prednisolone.

When Ascent first entered the market, it reported employing a sales force of 65 sales reps. PR

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