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BeiGene and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Sign Three Year Agreement


As part of the partnership, BeiGene will serve as a sponsor at LLS events.



BeiGene, Ltd., and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) have signed a three-year partnership for the Light The Night events.1 According to a press release, Beigene will serve as the National Presenting Sponsor of Survivorship and Hope at these events.

Light The Night consists of over 100 evening events across the United States throughout the fall. Participants carry white lanterns, which are meant to represent a beam of hope being used to light the dark skies. As part of the partnership, 1,500 of BeiGene’s members will participate in the lantern ceremony.

In the press release, BeiGene’s chief commercial officer Josh Neiman said, “BeiGene is proud to expand our partnership with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society this year as the National Presenting Sponsor of Survivorship and Hope for Light The Night. Putting patients first is a core value for BeiGene and drives everything that we do. We are honored to support LLS in its work to fund blood cancer research, patient education and outreach programs."

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s chief medical officer Gwen Nichols, M.D., also stated, “The moment someone is diagnosed with blood cancer, they are considered a survivor, facing special needs from diagnosis and treatment to remission and beyond. LLS's Light The Night inspires communities, bringing more people out of the darkness of cancer, shining a light on survivors everywhere. Thanks to BeiGene for their support. Together, we're helping survivors every step of the way."

LLS also reiterated the ways that it works to meet both current and future needs of survivors. Both patients suffering from blood cancer and patients who have survived blood cancer have unique needs. LLS works to identify these unique and often times unmet needs, such as dealing with the difficult side effects that come with care. Patients suffering from blood cancers also have to monitor their health as they are at risk for secondary cancers and illnesses.

Survivors also struggle with high levels of medical debt. Treatments aren’t just difficult on the patient’s physical well-being, they are also highly expensive. It’s not uncommon for surivors to find themselves burdened with debt. Organizations like LLS are working to reform medical debt collection practices to ease this burden.


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