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DeepIntent Reveals New Operating System for Pharmaceutical Advertising


DeepIntent OS expected to give publishers access to company’s comprehensive suite.

Cloud technology. Cloud computing. Devices connected to digital storage in a data center over the Internet. IOT. Smart Home. Communication laptop, tablet, phone and home devices. Generative AI. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/VICHIZH

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/VICHIZH

DeepIntent, a healthcare advertising technology organization, has announced the launch of the DeepIntent Operating System, designed to provide CTV platforms access to its audience, measurement, and optimization solutions designed to improve pharmaceutical advertising performance.

"For platforms and publishers to unlock the full potential of their inventory, they need flexibility, transparency, control, and outcomes-driven optimization. We've launched DeepIntent OS to give them those tools to help them thrive in the complex pharma landscape. As DeepIntent continues to drive innovation, we remain committed to harnessing technology to connect patients and providers with the right information to drive better health outcomes," said Chris Paquette, founder, CEO, DeepIntent.


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