Doceree, Hello Health Group Announce Partnership In 8 Southeast Asian Markets

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Collaboration expected to drive consumer and patient engagement in the region.

Doceree, a healthcare solutions organization, is officially partnering with Hello Health Group, a health and wellness content company, in an effort to help pharmaceuticals target health care providers (HCP) efficiently. As a result of the union, Doceree’s presence is expected to increase in nations including Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


Reportedly, Doceree’s HCP-identification technology will provide Hello Health with the opportunity to reach medical professionals and showcase pharmaceutical brands.

“This is a pioneering partnership, and we are glad to introduce, for the first time in the Asia Pacific region, such a revolutionary technology-based solution to reach HCPs,” said Bertrand Sauvageon, CEO, Hello Health Group. “Doceree’s programmatic platform is built in such a manner that it adapts to different markets’ requirements and needs.”