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EVERSANA Announces Strategic Partnerships for EMR Claims and Data Infrastructure


Company will form broad-scale strategic partnerships with industry leaders in claims, EMR, formulary and provider-institutional data.

EVERSANA has announced partnerships with data and infrastructure companies, including Symphony Health and Compile, to create the industry’s first single, streamlined claims, formulary and physician dataset. The comprehensive, real-time view of the full healthcare system will drive EVERSANA’s end-to-end commercialization services to expedite and optimize targeting, access, adherence and valued outcomes, according to a company press release.

EVERSANA and Symphony Health, a provider of data, cloud-based analytics and consulting solutions to life science companies and healthcare organizations, finalized a multi-year relationship to provide access to real-time claims and electronic medical records data for more than 300 million patients. The data will be used to activate data-driven patient engagement and hub services to advance access and adherence at each stage of the product life cycle.

In addition to claims and EMR data, a partnership with Compile will further integrate physician data to drive market access and HCP engagement. By combining public, government and deep-web data with privately licensed medical and pharmacy claims data, Compile generates the ultimate system of record on every practitioner, facility, health system and event that takes place in the U.S. healthcare market. EVERSANA expects to announce a third partnership to integrate formulary data in the coming month.


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