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Evoke Launches New Audience Intelligence Service


The company anticipates that the offering will help maximize life sciences brands’ commercial potential.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/BrightSpace

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/BrightSpace

Evoke, an Inizio company and health and life sciences brand, experience, and communications platform, introduced its advanced audience intelligence offering, which is intended to meet the needs of life sciences and pharma clients. These data solutions are designed to enhance the strategies of marketing and communications teams, facilitating engagement with individual stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle.

The company’s audience intelligence offering is an omnichannel-ready solution that utilizes data that provides insights on patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals (HCPs), and payors. The offering features four core solutions designed to reveal pain points and unlock commercial potential:

Narratev provides deep and differentiated insight into the info-seeking journey and mindset of clients’ key stakeholders, greatly increasing the quality and volume of engagement with HCPs, patients, and payors.

Affinitev reveals valuable, undiscovered connections that impact areas most relevant to a targeted disease state.

Adaptev works to improve business performance via individual stakeholder reporting, ensuring media plans and messaging hit the mark with intended target audiences.

Collectev quantifies these risks and creates tailored strategies for each community's needs and communication preferences, eliminating barriers and improving treatment outcomes.

“ … Now more than ever, we’re able to help solve our clients’ toughest commercial challenges with more in-depth, real-world data that provide our clients a clear edge in the marketplace,” says Reid Connolly, Evoke’s founder and CEO. “This ensures our clients are set up to realize their full commercial potential and craft exceptional healthcare experiences at every stage of the healthcare journey.”

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