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H1 Relaunches “Faculty Opinions” as H1 Connect


Online HCP community allows HCPs and researchers access to the latest breakthroughs in medicine and life sciences research.

A vivid representation of immunotherapy, medical approach that leverages the body's immune system to fight diseases. Intersection of science and the body's innate healing power. Generative AI

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/TensorSpark

H1, has launched H1 Connect,1 the former Faculty Opinions, which it acquired in February 2022.2 Users across Life Sciences, Academic Medical Institutions, Research organizations and more access insights from H1 Connect to drive their respective fields forward.

The re-branded initiative includes the expansion of clinical trial and medical research evaluations by leading experts, as well as a bolstered community, to address the following pain points for HCPs:

  • Information overload: Medical knowledge is expanding rapidly, and new research findings emerge frequently. It can be difficult for HCPs to keep up with the evolving evidence base and integrate new information into their clinical practice.
  • Data fragmentation: Clinical trial data and research findings are often scattered across many databases, journals, and repositories. This fragmentation makes it difficult for researchers and HCPs to locate and integrate relevant data efficiently and effectively, leading to knowledge gaps and missed opportunities for collaboration.
  • Translating research to practice: Translating research findings into clinical practice can be a complex process. HCPs need help assessing the applicability and relevance of research to their patient population, considering factors like patient preferences, comorbidities, and healthcare system constraints.

With input from global Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), H1 Connect is intended to provide HCPs with quick-to-read insights and commentary; knowledge facilitation and exchange; and collaboration among the global healthcare community.


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