IntegriChain, Knipper Announce Non-Exclusive Partnership

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Initiative to support developing manufacturers launch new products.

IntegriChain, a data and business process platform for the pharmaceutical industry, and Knipper Health, a healthcare solutions company, are teaming up in a non-exclusive venture to support emerging manufacturers. Through the agreement, the organizations are expected to provide assistance with products that need comprehensive third-party logistics (3PL) services, order-to-cash, government pricing, and claims adjudication support.


"Through this partnership, we are solidifying our commitment to offering the shortest path possible for patients to the therapies they need, while arming manufacturers with resources and tools that facilitate greater efficiencies on their end," said Chris Dillon, general manager, Knipper 3PL. "We look forward to engaging in a productive relationship with a company that plays such a crucial role in the healthcare ecosystem, enabling better patient access to medication."

Reference: IntegriChain and Knipper Team Up to Support Emerging Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Preparing for Commercialization. June 15, 2023. Accessed June 21, 2023.