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Johnson & Johnson’s MedTech and Pharmaceutical Segments to be Placed Under One Brand


Move comes amid company’s shift to focusing on healthcare innovation exclusively.

scientist working with microscope in laboratory close up hands, science research and development. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/olga_demina

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/olga_demina

Johnson & Johnson revealed in a company press release that it will be updating its brand and uniting both its MedTech and pharmaceutical segments under the Johnson & Johnson name. Hoping to concentrate efforts on confronting the toughest health issues and healthcare innovation, the company’s two segments will now be connected to the brand.

According to the organization, Janssen, its pharmaceutical segment, will be renamed Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine, and the medical technology segment will continue to be named Johnson & Johnson MedTech.

“Our exclusive focus on Innovative Medicine and MedTech solutions enables us to innovate across the full spectrum of healthcare in ways no other company can,” said Joaquin Duato, board chairman, CEO, Johnson & Johnson. “Uniting our diverse businesses under an updated Johnson & Johnson brand reflects our unique ability to reimagine healthcare through transformative innovation, while staying true to our credo values and the level of care that patients and doctors expect of us.”

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