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Levita Magnetics Announces First Commercial Use of MARS Surgical System


The system was used by doctors at the Cleveland Clinic.

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic performed the first commercial use of the MARS Surgical System.

Levita Magnetics, makers of the system, announced the usage in a press release. FDA cleared the system in September, 2023.

In a press release, Levita Magnetics CEO Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro said, “We're thrilled to have initiated successful commercial procedures utilizing the MARS system so soon after receiving FDA clearance. We are at the leading edge of a significant shift in the approach to high-volume minimally-invasive abdominal surgery in the United States and in the world.”

Rodriguez-Navarro said, "We aim to show that this revolutionary technology can empower surgeons with increased control and better visualization while reducing the number of incisions, delivering significant patient benefits. The MARS system can play a major role in the transition of high-volume abdominal procedures to an ambulatory or same day discharge setting."

The MARS surgical system uses magnetic technology to reduce incisions and provide less invasive surgeries.


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