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Liva Launches in Germany


Liva Healthcare’s Philipp M. Schäfer talks about the company’s ambitions to drive a positive behavior change in type 2 diabetes.

Liva Healthcare, a provider of scalable digital health coaching in Europe, recently announced its expansion to the German market to combat the country’s rise in type 2 diabetes and obesity. Philipp M. Schäfer, Managing Director Germany of Liva Healthcare, tells Pharm Exec about the company’s ambitions to drive a positive behaviour change.

Pharm Exec: Can you tell us about the launch in Germany?

Philipp M. Schäfer: We are thrilled to be opening an office in Berlin. This is Liva’s ninth market, with operations already in Britain, Australia, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. This expansion is all part of our mission to help more people improve their lives. 

What’s the need for this in Germany?

A newly published study conducted by Technical University of Munich1 shows that more than half of adults in Germany exercise less than they did a year ago, and people living with obesity have gained as much as 7.2 kilograms on average in the same period. 

Philipp M. Schäfer

Philipp M. Schäfer

Obesity and inactive lifestyle are two of the most common causes of type 2 diabetes, and latest figures from International Diabetes Federation show over 9.5 million people are now living with diabetes in Germany.2

Our human coaching programs will help people in Germany manage their condition and develop healthier habits that last. 

Who are you trying to reach?

The Liva app has been proven to drive substantial clinical outcomes across all socio-economic backgrounds. More than 15% of German adults have diabetes, so we want to reach and help as many people as possible to better manage their lifestyles. 

What support will people get?

Through an app, we provide personal human coaching programs to help people manage their condition and develop sustainable lifestyle changes. Throughout the program, health coaches from Liva will guide members step by step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Members will receive weekly coaching via videos and texts, and their personal health coach will send custom-made nutrition advice, exercise routines, inspirational recipes, and more, all based on the personal needs of the individual and their progress. Alongside personal coaching, members can access groups of people on the same program, share experiences and get inspired by each other.

What is Liva going to deliver that is different to what is already out there? 

There are so many apps and digital solutions out there — but we are bringing to market something which combines the power of a human with digital measures. 

By linking individual counseling, personal exchange and the extended (digital) arm via a very user-friendly app, Liva becomes a constant companion in patients’ pockets. With this approach, long-term successes are achieved more frequently and the lives of patients are improved in the long term.


1. https://www.ekfz.tum.de/fileadmin/PDF/Pressemitteilung_Ernaehrung_und_Bewegung_in_Zeiten_von_Corona_final_020621.pdf

2. https://idf.org/our-network/regions-members/europe/members/136-germany.html

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