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Mishe Announces Omnichannel Pharmacy Network


The network will work with DiRx and MakoRX.



The days of having to leave the house to get medicine are coming to a close.

Mishe, a direct healthcare provider, announced that it is launching a nation wide omnichannel pharmacy network. In a press release, the company stated that it will provide this service to both individuals and employers, and that medicine will be available both in person and through mail delivery options.1

In a press release, Mishe CEO Sidney Haitoff said, “"We are dedicated to reshaping the healthcare landscape and making all medical treatments more accessible and affordable for everyone. Through strategic partnerships and integrations with leading healthcare organizations, we are able to restore trust, enhance the patient experience and provide the public with significant cost savings."

Mishe also announced that it is partnering with DiRx and MakoRX to service the omnichannel system. DiRX is an online pharmacy that says that it has pioneered the direct-manufacturer-sourcing model, which allows patients to get medications direct from the manufacturers. MakoRX is a pharmacy benefits manager and solutions provider, and works to deliver cost saving option or alternative funding options to consumers.

In the same press release, DiRX CEO Satish Srinivasan said, “With Mishe, pharmacy staff can quickly contact ordering providers or patients without having to pick up the phone. The ability to manage communication directly within the medical record improves the experience for patients and their care teams. It's an administrative game changer."

This is just the latest example of the expanding ways that the healthcare industry is bringing medications to patients. Many drug companies are exploring direct-to-consumer models, for example, which will allow patients to fill prescriptions directly from the drug maker. Many companies are also partnering with online platforms to provide more fulfillment options for patients.

Earlier this year, Lilly announced LilyDirect, an end-to-end digital healthcare platform, through which users can get access to independent healthcare providers, support, and home delivery of certain Lilly medicines.2

In a press release, Lilly’s CEO David A. Ricks said, “A complex U.S. healthcare system adds to the burdens patients face when managing a chronic disease. With LillyDirect, our goal is to relieve some of those burdens by simplifying the patient experience to help improve outcomes. LillyDirect offers more choices in how and where people access healthcare, including a convenient home delivery option to fill Lilly medicines they have been prescribed."

Lilly also announced that is is partnering with Amazon Pharmacy to distribute certain medications.3 Lilly’s drugs will be available to customers alongside all of Amazon Pharmacy’s suite of features. This partnership bridges LillyDirect to Amazon Pharmacy in an attempt to reach patients more directly.


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