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NABIP Launches 2025 Medicare and Medicare Advantage Compliance Certification


The online program is required for brokers and agents to sell Medicare Advantage Plans.



The National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP) announced that it has launched the 2025 Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Compliance Requirements Certification.1 Insurance agents and brokers are required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to complete this online program in order to be eligible to sell Medicare Advantage plans.

Enrollment in the program is open on the NABIP website.

In a press release, NABIP CEO Jessica Brooks-Woods said, “Developed by brokers for brokers, our course offers rigorous instruction on Medicare Advantage plan rules and the latest market trends. It not only meets all CMS requirements, but also received approval from multiple national and regional carriers, ensuring you're getting the best possible training. For just $100, participants gain access to top-tier Medicare Advantage training, continuing education credits at no additional cost, and a nationally recognized certification logo to market your accomplishment. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills and stay ahead in the competitive Medicare market."

Brooks-Woods continued, “NABIP has a long-standing commitment to providing high-quality education and resources to health insurance and benefits specialists. This new certification course is part of NABIP's broader initiative to support the professional development of health insurance agents and brokers. NABIP aims to elevate the standards of practice in the industry and ensure that Medicare agents are well-prepared to address the challenges and opportunities in the Medicare market."

In related news, The NABIP recently responded to allegations of unauthorized plan switching on the ACA Marketplace.2 In May, CMS issued a press release claiming that unauthorized plan switching was often a purposeful action committed by brokers and agents in the marketplace to scam users. Brooks-Woods, however, issued a statement arguing against the viewpoint.

"We are deeply troubled by the portrayal of health insurance agents and brokers in the CMS statement,” she said. “What was not addressed is the possibility that a large number of these unauthorized plan switches are due to technological vulnerabilities that allow automated systems to make the switches, not the unethical practices of agents and brokers."

In the same press release, NABIP president Eric Kohlsdorf added, “As a broker committed to helping consumers access affordable insurance while adhering to extensive government regulations, it's frustrating for our profession to be blamed. NABIP members adhere to a strict ethical code designed to support, protect, and advocate for Americans and our industry. NABIP is eager to collaborate with all stakeholders to find solutions and protections that Americans deserve."

Previously, in March, the NABIP revealed its Healthcare Bill of Rights, an initiative that outlined what the organizations believes are the rights of American citizens when it comes to accessing affordable healthcare.3

In a press release issued at the time, Brooks-Woods said, “NABIP's Healthcare Bill of Rights articulates the core values and principles of the association. They represent not just our beliefs but NABIP's commitment to ensuring that every American is empowered with the right to high-quality, affordable healthcare. These rights stand as the pillars by which we define our mission, measure our progress, and drive toward a future where equitable healthcare is not a privilege but a standard for all."

Brooks-Woods continued, “The announcement of NABIP's Healthcare Bill of Rights took place at our recent Capitol Conference, showcasing NABIP's dedication to shaping a healthcare system that prioritizes the well-being and rights of all Americans. This significant milestone is a cornerstone in our commitment to creating a healthcare landscape that is privately accessible and affordable for every citizen."


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