New Treatments Boost Global Hemophilia Market

Published on: 

May 7, 2015.

  Increased uptake of recombinant therapies and prophylactic use, coupled with improved diagnosis of hemophilia, is expected to drive the associated therapeutics market, according to a report from Forst & Sullivan.   The report, Global Haemophilia Therapeutics Market, finds that the market earned revenues of $9.98 billion in 2014 and estimates this to reach $13.43 billion in 2019.    Currently, plasma-derived therapies account for nearly 30 percent of hemophilia A therapeutics sales, 41 percent of hemophilia B therapeutics sales, and 25 percent of the inhibitors market. Over time, however, adults are likely to switch to prophylaxis therapies due to the lucrative benefits offered by these long-lasting products compared to plasma-derived products.    “The haemophilia B segment is set to gain traction as newer products are far more convenient than established therapies,” said Frost & Sullivan analyst Aiswariya Chidambaram. “In contrast, the haemophilia A segment could lose some pace, with none of the recently launched or pipeline FVIII therapies able to extend product half-life by more than 60 percent.”