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NNIT's GxP Cloud Now Offers SaaS


NNIT's GxP Cloud Now Offers SaaS

HP Quality Center v11 as SaaS

Now you can enjoy the benefits of validated GxP applications delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service).With HP Quality Center ready as SaaS in NNIT’s GxP Cloud, you can save time as well as deployment and validation costs. The application is deployed and fully operational within a few weeks.

  • HP Quality Center v11 allows you to manage the full life cycles of your software while reducing the time usage for test planning and execution by up to 80 %. And with HP Quality Center delivered as SaaS it is easy and fast to scale and adjust the number of users according to your need.

NNIT’s GxP Cloud gives you unprecedented and fast access to the latest technology and applications, boosting your efficiency and providing you with a real competitive advantage. By having GxP applications delivered as SaaS you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing without compromising on the quality, compliance or security demanded in the life sciences. We call it Good Cloud Practice.

Learn more about HP Quality Center v11 and GxP applications delivered as SaaS at gxpcloud.nnit.com.

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