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Non-Healthcare Companies Initiating a Surge of Innovation within the Healthcare Market


July 29, 2015.

Segments within the healthcare sector will experience transformative shifts within the eco system, according to consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan.   "New ideas and technologies are paving the way for the world’s largest industry to move past outdated methods of delivery," the company reports. "Interestingly, many of the innovations poised to have the highest degree of impact are initiatives from companies outside of the healthcare sector."   Traditionally in the healthcare industry, successful startup companies have focused on solving key issues pertinent to certain specific disease states, such as oncology and cardiology. But today "the narrative has shifted towards early stage ventures addressing issues involving multiple conditions, care settings and a variety of other target use cases". High growth sectors of the "new healthcare market paradigm" are said to include:    ·        Artificial intelligence- decision support tools  ·        Chronic disease management  ·        Innovating to zero  ·        Patient engagement  ·        Care personalization/customization  ·        Care anywhere-any Time  ·        Interoperability  ·        Smart computing  ·        Cost of care/operation innovations.     For further information on Frost & Sullivan’s tracker of ‘Companies Reinventing Healthcare’ and a list of select companies, visit: http://corpcom.frost.com/forms/EU_PR_AZanchi_HC_29July15  

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