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Novo Nordisk Foundation Commits $135M to New Cell Therapy Facility


Location aims to translate research into multiple real-world treatments.

Probiotics bacteria biology science microscopic medicine digestion stomach escherichia coli treatment health care medication anatomy organism. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Rubbina

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Rubbina

With the goal of translating breakthroughs in cell therapy research into real-world treatments for people with diseases such as chronic heart failure, Parkinson’s, kidney disease, type 1 diabetes, and several forms of cancer, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has officially dedicated approximately $135 million to a new cell therapy facility. Located at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby, the center will serve public, private, national, and international clients from academia, biotech, and the pharmaceutical industry. It is expected to be ready in 2027.

“Cell therapies have the potential to take us from treating or managing the symptoms of chronic diseases to treating the disease itself, or even curing it with a one-off procedure,” says Thomas H.R. Carlsen, CEO, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Cellerator. “We’ve seen major advances in the laboratory in recent years, but many promising cell therapy candidates face difficulties reaching clinical trials, partly because we can’t currently develop cell therapy products in large, consistent quantities here in Denmark. I’m thrilled to be heading an initiative that will change this and provide hope to people living with chronic diseases.”

Reference: New cell therapy facility enters fight against chronic diseases. Novo Nordisk Fonden. September 21, 2023. Accessed September 22, 2023. https://novonordiskfonden.dk/en/news/new-cell-therapy-facility-enters-fight-against-chronic-diseases/

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