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President of Petros Pharmaceuticals Discusses the Future of OTC Contraceptives


In an interview with Pharm Exec Associate Editor Don Tracy, Fady Boctor, President, Chief Commercial Officer, Petros Pharmaceuticals provides his thoughts on what the future looks like when it comes to over-the-counter (OTC) contraceptives.

PE: Do you expect more products of this nature to become available over the counter in the foreseeable future?

Boctor: I do. I'll say that 2023-2024 has been exciting. We've seen at least two first in class switches, one of them being Opill, and the other being naloxone. The reason why this is exciting is because it begins to demonstrate that the FDA is responding to the American public who have resoundingly stated, "We want to be able to self care." There are too many hurdles in the healthcare system, and we're facing a physician shortage.

In mid-2022, the FDA announced additional conditions for non-prescription use that's critical. It's critical because that expands how a product gets switched from prescription to over-the-counter. It includes assistive utilities such as technology, which now could take relatively complicated products, warnings and precautions that have held back certain prescription medications from being available OTC, it brings them to the horizon, it makes them possible for OTC switch. So I anticipate over the next 24 to 36 months, we should begin to see a greater momentum in those types of switches.

PE: Since its release, have you heard about any positive feedback regarding OTC availability?

Boctor: In terms of various products, I think it's too soon, but I think it's going to start to launch shortly. Aside from the recent best practices of nicotine replacement and antihistamines, hose have been strong proxies and demonstrators of increased utilization just by becoming more available. Those continue to be the reigning examples.

PE: Is there anything in the pipeline at Petros Pharmaceuticals that you would like to speak about?

Boctor: The additional condition for non-prescription use, that is going to include new technology platforms. We aim to be a significant player on that front. We're developing a technology platform now for our own erectile dysfunction medication. It would be a prescription and then we'd work to switch it here in the near future. We think that technology platform will in and of itself become an asset available to a pipeline of potential prescription OTC prospects and switches. That is probably something to tune into with Petros Pharamaceuticals.

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