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Redwire, Lilly Partner on First Spaceflight Mission for New Pharmaceutical Drug Development Lab


Collaboration aims to expand space research in studies of heart disease and diabetes.

AI Generated. AI Generative. Photo illustration of medicine chemistry research laboratory. Glassware, microscope and many toold equipment. Graphic Art. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/AkimD

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/AkimD

Redwire, a space infrastructure company, announced that it will be partnering with Eli Lilly on the inaugural spaceflight mission for its in-space pharmaceutical manufacturing platform, PIL-BOX. As per the collaboration, Lilly and Redwire will conduct three critical experiments focused on developing advanced treatments for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and pain onboard SpaceX’s 29th cargo resupply services mission (SpaceX-29) to the International Space Station (ISS).

“The microgravity environment is a game changer for pharmaceutical drug development, which has a greater than $240 billion annual spend in 2022 and has tremendous potential to save and improve life on Earth,” said John Vellinger, EVP, Redwire. “PIL-BOX presents us with a brand-new capability for developing critical, life-saving treatments, like insulin, for diseases like diabetes and heart disease. With PIL-BOX, Redwire is providing a critical capability for researchers and enabling them to develop novel forms of crystals to create better, more successful treatments for patients.”

Reference: Redwire Announces First Spaceflight Mission For New Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical Drug Development Lab, Partnering With Eli Lilly And Company To Expand Space Research To Study Heart Disease And Diabetes. Redwire. October 30, 2023. Accessed October 31, 2023. https://ir.redwirespace.com/news-events/press-releases/detail/100/redwire-announces-first-spaceflight-mission-for-new

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