Redwire, Lilly Partner on First Spaceflight Mission for New Pharmaceutical Drug Development Lab

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Collaboration aims to expand space research in studies of heart disease and diabetes.

Redwire, a space infrastructure company, announced that it will be partnering with Eli Lilly on the inaugural spaceflight mission for its in-space pharmaceutical manufacturing platform, PIL-BOX. As per the collaboration, Lilly and Redwire will conduct three critical experiments focused on developing advanced treatments for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and pain onboard SpaceX’s 29th cargo resupply services mission (SpaceX-29) to the International Space Station (ISS).


“The microgravity environment is a game changer for pharmaceutical drug development, which has a greater than $240 billion annual spend in 2022 and has tremendous potential to save and improve life on Earth,” said John Vellinger, EVP, Redwire. “PIL-BOX presents us with a brand-new capability for developing critical, life-saving treatments, like insulin, for diseases like diabetes and heart disease. With PIL-BOX, Redwire is providing a critical capability for researchers and enabling them to develop novel forms of crystals to create better, more successful treatments for patients.”

Reference: Redwire Announces First Spaceflight Mission For New Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical Drug Development Lab, Partnering With Eli Lilly And Company To Expand Space Research To Study Heart Disease And Diabetes. Redwire. October 30, 2023. Accessed October 31, 2023.