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Report Outlines Top Medical Technologies of 2015


September 23, 2015.

Frost & Sullivan's top ten medical technologies of 2015 will offer scope for convergence with non-medical platforms, the company reports.   Top Medical Device and Imaging Technologies in 2015 states that growth in the healthcare industry will center around surgical robots, digital pathology, neuroprosthetics, surgical laser, smart pills, optical imaging, health informatics, integrated vital signs monitoring, artificial organs and four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound imaging.   New modalities such as neuroprosthesis and hybrid imaging are moving towards commercialization, where echnologies already in the early commercialization phase, including smart pills and surgical robots, will find widespread uses across applications, the report claims.   “The strong merits of the top 10 medical device and imaging technologies attract the attention of large and small healthcare companies alike,” said Frost & Sullivan TechVision analyst Bhargav Rajan. Once commercialized, these multi-disciplinary medical and imaging devices "will consistently influence market potential, research and development, and global adoption over several years".   For more on this report, visit http://corpcom.frost.com/forms/EU_PR_AZanchi_D691_23Sept15  

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