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Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Marketing Effectiveness with Change Management and Technology


Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Marketing Effectiveness with Change Management and Technology

In order to overcome the new discount-priced competition, pharmaceutical companies are required to develop radically new, cost-efficient methods, which conform to the demands of both the local marketing regulations and needs of its personnel. Customer loyalty is the key, newly re-discovered. But, unfortunately, this cannot be achieved through existing IT-solutions. Modern advances in information and communication technology have brought completely new opportunities to collect and process market and client information, thus leading to new discoveries in targeting and focusing when combined with effective customer strategies and sales force development - a market pioneered by DoIT Pharma.

Furthermore, and at the same time, the marketers must be able to add significant value for their individual clients, the physicians, pharmacies and patients alike, in order to create the perceived true differentiation from other marketers of pharmaceuticals. Traditionally, it was believed to be the product that added this value; now we know it is the partnership of the physician and the representative that will bring the most value, information and service, to the customer.

If you find it difficult to manage your pharmaceutical sales effectively, a new class of technology products is the solution you are looking for.

PharmaMap - a holistic view of customers

PharmaMap utilizes the latest geographic information systems (GIS), and is a stunningly comprehensive, yet visual operating system. PharmaMap is designed to convert data from various sources into visual conclusions for an immediate increase in productivity. It is completely different from all conventional market analysis software, typically used only by analysts and a few competent managers.

The main features are:

  • World's first integration of pharmaceutical marketing data projected on one screen a simple, single view of each operator-defined performance meter on a dashboard and a navigation chart.

  • Analysis and a global view of all the available market data combined with e.g. revenues and customer information for measuring performance.
  • Integrates all information sources available for a holistic view.
  • Typical sources are: geographic data, sales data, client data, CRM-system data, wholesale data, volumes, revenues, internal sales costs, etc.

Just a mouse click away:

  • Any map location and related sales graphics are fully synchronized simultaneously.
  • Choice of different client groups and segments.
  • Instant drill-down from market-wide view through to the level of one single client, e.g. physician, and back again.

  • Instant movement between geographic horizons and from one region to another, large or small area coverage.
  • Separate window opens to show detailed information of a location (e.g.list physicians in a selected hospital and related CRM-information).

Main benefits are:

  • Visual, automatically adapting regional sales planning information.
  • All business critical information in one view at the same time.

  • Specific sources of information fully tailored to any need.
  • Simple data update and access as new data becomes available.

  • Simple to use - from sales reps on the field to the top management in the HQ - the view is scaled to the required area of responsibility.
  • Will multiply the value of the data you own and pay for anyway!

Technical issues:
PharmaMap framework includes a generic user interface comprising extensive functionality. By using this framework, the development time for a user interface is reduced. The user interface can either be browser-based or a more traditional Windows client. In general, functionality based on visualization and simple analysis is available in the browser interface, and the more advanced functionality in the Windows client. Both interface frameworks use the same component. Furthermore, PharmaMap is available for both the J2EE and .NET platforms.

Company Description

DoIT Pharma provides an array of required tools and consulting services to enhance the pharmaceutical marketing process, such as performance metrics, change management, sales development and training methods, thus being able to bring immediate tangible value to its clients. It partners with select pharmaceutical companies to boost their sales and add strategic competitive edge. These projects have proven their own effectiveness: to two times faster market growth in despite of fierce generic competition; most successful product launch ever; fastest local sales growth compared to same product on any other market etc.

PharmaMap is the world's first integration of pharmaceutical marketing data projected on one screen - a simple single view of a live performance map plus each operator-defined performance meter on a single dashboard-like view, as easy as driving a car.

The new visual data integration tools help the organization make faster, more informed decisions. Managers are able to share real time sales and market information across the organization, with team members who are not expert analysts. The combination of visualized key performance metrics and information sharing is designed to offer deeper insight into many types of complex data. Marketers can now discover and exploit data relationships immediately. They can also present findings to decision-makers on the management team or company sales meetings using live data projected on the screen on their own territory map, with the ability to answer questions instantly.

Suddenly raw customer data turns into profitable cutting-edge marketing strategies that keep you ahead of the competition. When integrated and visualized, quality customer data and marketing analytics generate many extra sales opportunities and help the marketing managers to maintain the right marketing mix and measure its implementation.

Since 1989, DoIT Pharma has worked with Amgen, AstraZeneca, GSK, Leo Pharma, Pfizer, Roche, Schering-Plough and many others.

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