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Runway Launches as First-to-Market DTC Travel Telehealth Company


Runway, the first DTC travel telehealth company that provides travelers access to affordable and convenient prescription medications to treat the most common travel ailments, launched today. Revolutionizing the $12 billion travel health industry, the platform is available in all 50 states and is poised to replace the often-expensive, convoluted and antiquated travel clinics and primary care physician visits individuals typically need to schedule before domestic, at sea and international departures.

The platform connects individuals with licensed physicians who may prescribe solutions for ailments such as traveler's diarrhea, motion sickness, altitude sickness, malaria prevention, and sleep aids prior to their trips. With quick and online pre-trip $30 physician consultations and medications delivered to your door, Runway is a fraction of the cost of what a travel clinic may cost.

In addition to providing access to prescription medications, Runway also boasts their Travel Health Hub, which provides travelers and travel suppliers with digestible, easy to understand information on medical entry requirements, vaccine recommendations, and medication recommendations. The educational hub is launching with 20 of the most frequented destinations and counting, and was created to ensure travelers feel empowered with pertinent information needed prior to traveling, so they feel the utmost prepared throughout their journeys.

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