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Rx-360 Releases Business Plan, Seeks CEO


August 19, 2015.

International pharma supply chain consortium Rx-360 has released to the public its 2015 Business Plan, outlining its direction and mid-term goals and describing how it needs to change its modus operandi to overcome the challenges ahead. The Business Plan states how the consoritum needs to establish an independent infrastructure by increase its international role in supply chain security and expanding access to its audit report library. The first step in this direction will be the hiring of a full time CEO for Rx-360.  

"In these 6 years, Rx-360 has established itself as the industry's voice for supply chain security.  Patient organizations and Regulators come to Rx-360 when they need an objective view to matters related to the challenges Industry faces as it fights fake medicines and works to develop a more robust supply chain.  We have set ambitious goals for ourselves, and feel we are making a difference," said Guy Villax, Rx-360 chair.

A copy of the Rx-360 2015 Business Plan can be found by visiting the consortium's website.

Click here for information on the Rx-360 CEO position (applications close on 26th August).

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