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Sciformix white paper


Sciformix white paper

Investing in emerging markets is an important strategy for growth and sustained profitability for the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies are effecting a paradigm shift in their focus towards emerging markets driven by the growing economies of these markets and the steady decline of growth opportunities in the developed markets. Varied demography, varied government spending on health and differences in the regulatory environments in individual countries of the emerging markets require global pharmaceutical companies to create and implement specific and custom strategies to succeed in these markets. Achieving economies of scale by synchronizing regulatory, communication and marketing efforts and expenditures across the emerging markets would help cut down the time to market and the realization of ROI. Hence companies will have to develop strategies and programs that address the unique environment of each country to ensure maximum uptake of their products and achieve clinical positioning that is not only credible and scientifically well-founded, but impactful and largely applicable across countries.

Sciformix’s whitepaper examines the current trends, requirements and outsourcing solutions for effective medical communication approach for the emerging markets.

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