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Taking the Noise Out of Signal Detection


Scignal Plus Taking the Noise Out of Signal Detection

Scignal Plus: Taking the Noise Out of Signal Detection

The area of safety signal detection has come into focus over the past few years and is growing in importance. It is well accepted that statistical methods of signal detection can flag certain drug-event combinations for in-depth analysis from a medical perspective, potentially leading to confirmation of evidence and identification of a signal. It is recognized that the quality of the data on which these methods are applied has to substantially improve and the methods of detecting signals also have inherent limitations. New and improved statistical methods are being developed to overcome some of these challenges.

Scignal Plus provides superior, efficient signal detection by incorporating computational algorithms for a new method and previously known methods of signal detection. It has several distinct and important advantages over other products that are available in the market. Our browser-based tool employs a user-friendly interface for navigation, graphical depiction and drill-down analysis of signal data.

Key Functionality

• The new LRT method and all commonly used statistical signal detection methods are available: Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR), Reporting Odds Ratio (ROR), Information Component (IC) and Empirical Bayes Geometric Mean (EBGM)

• Applicable to any safety data: clinical trial and post-marketing data, internal company data and data available in the public domain

• Ability to query the data by drug or by AE

• Visual summary of data based on available covariates, analysis by subgroup and comparative displays

• Tabular and graphical displays of the signals

• Computation of signals relative to a defined class of products

Download the file:http://www.sciformix.com/scignalplus/

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