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The conundrum of proliferating data from decentralized clinical trials



Webinar Date/Time: Tuesday, January 31st 2023 | 9 am CT | 10 am ET | 3 pm GMT | 4 pm CET

With the emergence of decentralized clinical trials, we now have a window into the patients' study experience as we collect real-world data. While this approach might make patient participation easier a new pain point has emerged. How do we ensure sponsors, sites and study teams can efficiently and easily manage this wealth of data to deliver actionable insights?

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Event Overview:

With the emergence of decentralized clinical trials, we now have a window into the patients’ study experience like never before, collecting real-world data for research as they go about their daily routines. This greater access provides us with new, more accurate ways to measure outcomes. Not only are we collecting more (and better) patient reporting, but data is coming from a broader range of sources, such as sites, labs, devices, CROs and EHRs. A hybrid study design might make patient participation easier, but a new pain point has emerged. How do we ensure sponsors, sites and study teams can efficiently and easily manage this wealth of data to deliver actionable insights? How do we streamline complex data sets into a single and actionable source of truth?

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to operationalize decentralized clinical trial study designs.
  • How innovative data capture methods (e.g., sensors and wearables) can improve the quality of patient data.
  • How to solve operational headaches at sites with streamlined workflows to ease reporting and data management.
  • How the magnitude and multi-source nature of data captured in today’s decentralized trials requires systems capable of aggregating and integrating to provide a single source of truth.
  • How innovative trial designs can be offered at scale now to drive operational efficiencies while delivering tomorrow’s powerful insights.


Susan Dallabrida
CEO of SPRIM and
Chairperson ObvioHealth Advisory Board

Susan is CEO of SPRIM Consultancy, Chairman of the ObvioHealth Advisor Board and PulseNmore Board of Directors Member.

Susan is an expert in global clinical innovation with 28+ years of experience as a leader in clinical trials, eClinical technology and healthcare.

She has considerable expertise in patient centricity and engagement for data capture, focusing on improving data quality and outcomes optimization for efficacy and safety signals. Susan has also led clinical teams stemming from R&D, pre-clinical, clinical, go-to-market/labeling claims through post-marketing initiatives. She has accomplishments in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiovascular disease, dermatology, gastrointestinal, CNS pain, neurology, psychiatry, hemophilia, vascular and clotting disorders, obesity, aging, diabetes, migraine, COPD.

Scott Dixon
Chief Commercial Officer

Scott, a versatile leader, has spent over 25 years bringing integrated commercial and operational planning expertise to life science, pharmaceutical, and healthcare software companies—including Flywheel, Suvoda, Clario, and Oracle. Scott’s results-driven mindset is leading ObvioHealth’s commercial team in the successful global rollout of its next-generation DCT platform and app.

David Blackman
Executive Director Digital Trials Strategy

David Blackman has responsibility for aligning digital strategies and innovations with Oracle’s developing business needs. David is responsible for creating and developing differentiating technology and business capabilities through development, partnerships and acquisitions that enhance clinical trial research and accelerate bringing drugs to market for our clients.

Before joining Oracle in 2021, he served in the Corporate Development and Strategy group at PPD where he had responsibility for PPDs business innovation, leading and incubated cutting-edge business solutions resulting in the investment, development, integration, and commercialization of digital and remote clinical trials capabilities. Prior to that David worked at IBM/Lenovo, where he held several global technology and business leadership roles.

A graduate of the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, he combines his more than 20 years of technological experience in development, process, and technology innovations with his commitment to implementing cutting-edge technologies as a platform that advance innovative technology solutions in clinical trials worldwide. He holds two patents for technology in human factors innovation.

Register Free: https://globalmeet.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1589826&tp_key=ade7678075

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