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Third Sector "Ready" to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance


May 20, 2016.

Although welcoming this week's

report on antimicrobial resistance

by Lord O’Neill, the charity group Antibiotic Research UK expressed concerns around the global focus of the report "because it might slow down the progress of antibiotic development".

Antiobiotic Research UK's chief executive Professor Colin Garner also said he would have liked to see more encouragement or aid for the Third Sector, and its work to educate the public and help develop new treatments, covered in the report.

Professor Garner says the O’Neill report is "very focused on governments and the pharmaceutical industry solving the problem, but it would have been nice to see more about how the Third Sector has a role to play."

He added: "The Third Sector is still yet to be recognized as an important part of fighting antibiotic resistance, yet with its not-for-profit ethos, open access, and direct links with the public, professionals and patients, charities like ANTRUK could be integral to finding a solution to antibiotic resistance. It is fantastic that the O’Neill team have highlighted the challenges we face, but now we need to see action – we are ready."

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