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The Top 5 Stories of the Year


Over the past year, the life sciences industry has experienced a variety of important innovations, while also facing an unstable economy. These factors were clearly on readers minds and helped shape the top stories of the year.

2022 Pharm Exec Top 50 Companies
The windfall from COVID-19 vaccines and treatments has shaken up Pharm Exec’s latest listing of the top global biopharma sales producers in record-breaking fashion, but a likely leveling off—along with challenging patent and global climates—should shift some of the spotlight to anticipated non-COVID risers and perhaps more definitive maneuvering ahead.

China 2021: The NRDL Readout
China‘s 2021 National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) results are finally out despite, a slight delay. In line with Simon-Kucher’s earlier predictions, this year features another major expansion of the NRDL formulary, with ongoing emphasis on innovations and some much anticipated breakthroughs in rare disease drug inclusions. As the dust settles, it is time for pharmaceutical companies to plan the year ahead, with inspirations and takeaways from this year’s results.

Next-level Efficacy: Mounjaro
Dual-targeted injection poised to rock GLP-1 field in diabetes—and eventually weight loss.

2022 Pipeline Report
Our annual report spotlighting notable investments in new drug development captures a mix of gradual gains and giant leaps—both equally as promising—in five expanding and diverse therapeutic areas: spinal muscular atrophy, hemophilia A, intranasal and inhaled vaccines, gene-targeted therapy, and RNA therapeutics.

Roads Less Traveled, Executive Profile Doug Langa, NovoNordisk
After helping lead Novo Nordisk on a transformational journey from a troubled 2016 to double-digit growth in 2021, Doug Langa, Executive Vice President, Head of North America Operations and President of Novo Nordisk, Inc., is calling on his experience of taking the less conventional and sometimes unexpected routes to success to lead Novo Nordisk into new territory.

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