Top Five Pharma CEO Paypackets Total More Than $100M

Published on: 

June 8, 2015.

Looking at aggregated data from The New York Times, which used filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission to compute CEO compensation, The Motley Fool, noting that four of the highest-paid CEOs in pharma saw their pay increase last year.

Motley Fool lists the five best-paid pharma CEOs as


  • Lamverto Andriotti, BMS: $26.1 million

  • Kenneth Frazier, Merck: $21.4 million

  • Alex Gorksy, J&J: 20.4 million

  • Ian Read, Pfizer: $18 million

  • Richard Gonzalez, AbbVie: $17 million.

The key question, the reports asks, is "Are these pay package increases merited?"