The UK BioIndustry Association's Vision for the Sector in 2025

Published on: 

April 28, 2015.

The UK BioIndustry Association (BIA) has launched its vision for the UK life sciences sector in 2025. Setting out a goal for the UK to become a top global cluster in life sciences, the BIA envisions that by 2025 the country could see

    •    four times as many drugs and other innovations into clinic and to patients
    •    private investment of £2.9 bn (US$4.4 bn) per annum (£2.6bn per annum more than today)
    •    130 more clinical stage drug companies and management teams
    •    30,000-60,000 additional high skill UK jobs
    •    a salary pool that is £10 bn (US$15.2 bn) per annum more than today.

Steve Bates, CEO of the BIA commented: “This thoughtful analysis is an industry inspired vision of the potential prize for our sector. The UK truly has the potential to be a world leader in biotech, a key part of the economy of the future. We need to match world class financing and company growth capacities to our world class capabilities in science.”

The BIA document, A vision for the life sciences sector in 2025, can be downloaded here.