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UK Patient Groups Slam Pharma on Pricing and Patient Centricity


June 9, 2015.

UK-based patient groups say that pharma companies trading in the UK should not be holding NICE "to ransom" on pricing and should be more focused on patients.     PatientView’s 2014 Corporate Reputation of Pharma' a survey of 73 patient groups, conducted between November 2014 and January 2015 does confirm that advocates have "no doubts" about the innovative capabilities of pharma, with 72.9% considering pharma companies’ innovative abilities to been “excellent” or “good” in 2014.   But pharma is performing badly with regard to patient centricity, the survey says, with only 18.6% of patient groups viewing the industry as “excellent” or “good” in this area (the company voted to be the best at these activities is Sanofi). And the industry performs worst when it comes to pricing drugs fairly, according to the survey. Just 14.3%of UK patient groups think that the industry was “excellent” or “good” at pricing its products fairly in 2014.   For more on the survey results, click here

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