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UniDoc Brings AI-Powered Health Cube to Alaska


The Health Cube will increase remote and virtual care options for populations living in remote areas.



AI is helping to expand healthcare solutions to rural areas.

While people living in or near highly populated areas tend to have more options when it comes to healthcare, the lack of options in rural areas can be a real issue. For patients living in a state like Alaska, getting access to the proper care can involve traveling long distances, delays in obtaining medication, and sometimes being unable to find the proper specialists.

One way that the industry is attempting to solve this issue is by bringing more telehealth and virtual options to these areas. New technologies, such as AI, are making this easier, as the algorithms are better able to match patients with the proper care providers through virtual sessions, while also making it easier to find ways to get the proper medication to these patients as well.

UniDoc announced that it is expanding its Health Cube service to Alaska.1 Residents of Ketchikan, Alaska, will be part of the pilot project, which is focused on bringing increased accessibility for remote and underserved areas in Alaska. The goal is to allow the most vulnerable populations to get access to up-to-date care and services.

The Health Cube uses AI-based technology and provides remote connections with medical professionals and services. Users can access primary care, specialized consultations, chronic disease management, and preventative care in real-time eHealth consultations. The cube also provides diagnostic and monitoring options as well, in order to ensure that remote patients are properly abiding by the healthcare plans set forth by their care providers.

UniDoc is partnering with Planet Defense, a cybersecurity company, to bring the Health Cube to Alaska.

In a press release, Unidoc CEO Antonio Baldassarre said, “We are thrilled about this initial launch with Planet Defense. This collaboration underscores our commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery. Leveraging our technological prowess alongside Planet Defense's strategic insights helps to ensure a successful trial and strengthens our mission to serve even the most isolated communities."

Dr. Indu Singh, president and CEO of Planet Defense LLC, also said, "Rural and underserved populations utilizing our Smart Health Remote Clinics will benefit from this collaborative effort which will then lead to accessible, equitable, and inclusive healthcare for all regardless of location or socioeconomic status. By bringing advanced healthcare services directly into underserved communities, our creative solutions will address the challenges of geographical distance, transportation limitations, and the lack of healthcare infrastructure in remote areas. Doing so will have a positive impact on communities in need – improving patient healthcare outcomes and enhancing patients' overall well-being."

The Health Cube is UniDoc’s key product, and is designed to be a self-contained remote virtual clinic. In February of this year,2 UniDoc announced that it had partnered with HP to bring HP products into the manufacturing and development of the Health Cube. Through the agreement, UniDoc is able to sell HP integrated products worldwide.

In a press release issued at the time, Baldassare said, “This is an important step forward with an acknowledged industry giant. To partner with HP, have access to their line of health care products, and the work with them to integrate their technology into the UniDoc offering is a great opportunity with promising upside potential for us. We believe this announcement a major milestone for the future of UniDoc and is a testament to what can be achieved for the future of healthcare in America."


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