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Vera Whole Health Announces Launch of Value-Based Primary Care Center in Atlanta


This facility is the first of four facilities to be built in the area.

Vera Whole Health

Vera Whole Health

Vera Whole Health announced that it has officially opened the first of four primary care facilities in Atlanta, Georgia.1 These centers have been specifically developed to incorporate value-based, advanced care to its patients. The facility w

ill be open to people enrolled in commercial employer-based plans through Anthem or Health Insurance Exchange plans.

In a press release, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia president Robert Bunch said, “We are continuously looking for ways to expand access to quality healthcare and look forward to improved health outcomes for our members we mutually serve.”

In the same press release, Vera Whole Health’s Atlanta market president Herbert Cummings said, “Our approach to care not only emphasizes a patient-centered philosophy but also cultivates a unique experience and relationship between patients and our providers and care team. This approach underscores the integral role patients play as essential members of our care team, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment."

The primary care facility will integrate with Vera Whole Health’s technology platform, which will enable doctors and caregivers to actively perform outreach to members who are in most need of care. Members will be provided with a care team consisting of primary care providers, behavioral health clinicians, health coaches, and care managers.

The project was first announced in November, 2023.2 At the time, it was announced that five facilities would be built in the Atlanta area.

In a press release issued at the time, apree health (owner of Vera Whole Health) CEO said, “"There is an affordability crisis in U.S. healthcare. Person-centric navigation tied to advanced primary care can bend that cost curve. Together, we can not only increase access to high-quality primary care, but also help make Atlanta a healthier place for employers to grow and their employees to live.”

apree health announced the launch of its platform in June, 2023.3 In a press release issued at that time, the company explained that the platform would be available nationally and would provide employers and health care plans with options for reducing health care costs. This included personalized care navigation technology, holistic health coaching and complex care management.

In the press release, apree health’s senior vice president of solution management Johnny Kaye said, “To really bend the cost curve, we need each person to understand and be involved in their own health and wellness journey. The apree whole health solution puts the person at the center of the equation. With more than fifteen years of investments in data, analytics, and technology, we can deeply know each person to capture their attention, engage with them, and connect them to the right resources and the care they need–resulting in higher quality care and lower costs for purchasers of healthcare and their people."


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