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WebMD Ignite Announces Collaboration with FDB


The partnership has the goal of improving patient education and treatment directions.



WebMD Ignite is teaming up with First Databank (FDB) to support patient engagement and health literacy.1 The partnership will work to improve patient-focused issues such as discharge education and prescription drug safety and adherence.

The collaboration will utilize the WebMD Ignite’s Krames on FHIR platform, which provides patients with direct educational content.

In a press release, FDB’s Charles Lee, MD, said, “Effective patient medication education is critical to improving patient outcomes. We need to do more to prevent dosing errors and help patients understand why they are taking their medications. This integration of Meducation with WebMD Ignite's Krames On FHIR platform offers patients of all backgrounds simplified, easy-to-follow, actionable medication instructions, along with other valuable educational content from WebMD Ignite, to help protect their and their family's safety, increase care plan adherence and improve their outcomes."

Lee is senior director of clinical knowledge and senior advisor for health literacy and language barriers at FDB.

The partnership will combine Meducation, FBD’s cloud-based platform, with the Krames on FHIR platform to provide doctors and HCPs with better ways to provide patients with personalized instructions after being discharged. Doctors will also be able to direct patients to educational materials through the platform based on each patient’s unique diagnosis and situation.

In the same press release, Brennan Stratton, WebMD Ignite vice president of Client Services, said, "Delivering accurate, easy-to-understand educational content is an essential aspect of high-quality care delivery, but finding simplified and trustworthy content that is suitable for all types of patients can be difficult and time-consuming for prescribers and patients alike. The enhancement of WebMD Ignite's Krames On FHIR platform with FDB's Meducation content will help alleviate all stakeholders from these lengthy searches for reliable drug information, so they can instead focus on achieving the best health outcomes and strengthening engagement."

The collaboration aims to tackle a problem that has long plagued the healthcare industry: doctors can’t know for sure what patients are doing once they’re discharged from care. Patients may not properly follow treatment instructions or continue to perform actions that negatively impact their conditions. According to WebMD Ignite and FDB, this is at least partially due to patients not accurately remembering instructions that doctors give them.

According to the two companies, only about 43% of patients correctly remember instructions regarding their treatment after being discharged. An estimated 1 million emergency room visits each year are credited to patients either forgetting to take or incorrectly taking medication.

While it will never be possible to completely remove patient-caused medication or treatment mistakes, platforms like the one built by the WebMD Ignite and FDB partnership at least provide HCPs with a way to ensure that their patients have the correct instructions available to them even after they go home.


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