XtalPi, Eli Lilly Announce AI Robotics Collaboration

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Partnership to focus on drug discovery platform.

XtalPi, a pharmaceutical technology company, has announced an AI drug discovery collaboration with Eli Lilly, receiving up to $250 million in milestone payments. Per the agreement, XtalPi will utilize its robotics platform in order to deliver drug candidates for an undisclosed target.


"With a closed loop of AI and quantum physics algorithms working in sync with the data factory of large-scale robotics experiments, XtalPi is uniquely equipped to tackle challenging novel targets,” said Dr. Jian Ma, CEO of XtalPi. “We are honored that Lilly has chosen XtalPi’s AI + robotics drug R&D platform as a partner in achieving more fruitful pharmaceutical innovation and bringing much-needed treatments to patients worldwide."

Reference: XtalPi Announces Collaboration with Lilly, Using AI + Robotics to Uncover First-in-class Therapeutics. May 30, 2023/Xpalti