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PBMs: Merck-Medco in the Hot Seat

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey-Merck’s pharmacy benefit arm, Merck-Medco, is under fire for switching patients to more expensive pharmaceuticals.

Flexing Their Budgets: Big Pharma Spend Trends

If only two words could be used to describe Big Pharma's promotional spend trends during the past 12 months, they would be "it depends." Budgets are simply tools and the industry uses them as such: to determine just the right spend, on a certain type of product, during a particular phase of its life cycle.

Biotech Renaissance Man

The founder of five biotech companies rarely pauses, even to rest. "I can do a lot of work when the rest of my family is sleeping," he reports. "Early in the morning or late at night, there are no phones, so I needn't divert my attention." His affable tone seems contrary to the relentless drive needed to support a lifelong pursuit of excellence, but his achievements speak for themselves.

Balancing Haves & Have-Nots

Although industry seeks to protect its rights, the only long-term solution is working with the international community to address the AIDS crisis and other serious health problems.

Antigenics: Quest for a Cure

A cure for cancer is the Holy Grail of modern medicine--long sought but seemingly unattainable. Because cancer cells are not foreign, easily identifiable invaders, but native parts of the bodies in which they live, neither the immune system nor chemical compounds have been able to accurately target and eliminate them from healthy tissue.

Outbreak: Anthrax Alarm

New Delhi, India-Anthrax, a disease that most commonly infects livestock, has been diagnosed at an increasing rate in humans in the southern states of India. The disease has been eradicated in the developed world but remains endemic in South India, mostly due to a lack of effective human and animal vaccines.