Bill Trombetta


Pharm Exec’s 19th Annual Industry Audit

Our latest review of biopharma financial performance reveals solid growth rates in enterprise value and rebounding value-to-sales numbers—proving once again the business imperative of regaining and sustaining shareholder value.

Pharm Exec's 18th Annual Industry Audit

Pharm Exec’s latest analysis of financial performance reveals that it’s those drugmakers maximizing the difference between the value and the cost of their capital investments that are delivering the most bang for the buck to shareholders.

Pharm Exec's 16th Annual Industry Audit

With our latest review indicating declines in shareholder value and shareholder value to sales, those companies that score well in critical profit management metrics such as return on invested capital are best positioned to maintain that crucial edge in performance execution.

Pharm Exec's 15th Annual Industry Audit

As market headwinds persist, our latest industry review of shareholder value reveals a sharp performance differential between companies that pursue a strategy of specialized therapeutic focus and those that continue to rely on line diversity, size and scale.

Pharm Exec's 14th Annual Industry Audit

After a sharp spike in revenues, this year’s audit finds our 25 companies doubling down to secure the operational efficiencies that promise to better align with an increasingly tightfisted payer community. Never before has market relevance been so firmly linked to customer reputation.

Pharm Exec's 13th Annual Industry Audit

After a dip into negative territory in 2012, 2013 delivered a resurgence in sales revenues, but the turnaround only spotlights a larger trend: the growing divide between the big Pharmas and the more nimble players.