Bruce Liu, Tong Wang, Josh Lee, Lillian Li

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Bruce Liu is recognized as a thought leader on key industry topics, with recent publications on medtech access trends, reimbursement listing outlooks, business model innovations, and globalization strategy.

MBA from the University of Chicago, MSc in molecular biology from the University of Rochester, and BSc in biochemistry from Fudan University.

Tong Wang is a Senior Consultant in Simon-Kucher's Life Sciences division and is based in the Shanghai office. He has supported a breadth of projects, working with pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in the China and US markets. His experience includes launch strategies, P&MA strategies, reimbursement strategies, and market opportunity evaluation. MSc in bioengineering from Rice University and obtained his BSc in biomedical engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Josh Lee is a Senior Consultant with experience in a breadth of projects working with both pharmaceutical and medtech companies in US, EU and China markets. His experience includes launch strategy, P&MA strategy, reimbursement strategies and P&MA tool development. Ph.D. from The University of California, Los Angeles in Molecular Biology.

Lillian Li is a Senior Consultant with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare policies. Her areas of specialty include pricing strategies, market access opportunities, as well as post-launch competitive positioning in China. Master's degree in public administration with major in policy research analysis from the University of Pittsburg and a Bachelor's degree in public health administration.