Francis Pollaro

Francis Pollaro is a former senior editor for Pharmaceutical Executive.


Ethical AI Practices

In this Pharm Exec Podcast episode, Gerald Kierce, co founder and CEO of Trustible, and Andrew Camino Chung, the company's CTO and co founder, delve into the realm of artificial intelligence, discussing Trustible's mission and its pioneering efforts to ensure ethical AI use, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, and how it navigates complex AI regulations across the globe.

Successful Drug Launches in a Digital-Forward Market: Q&A with Bridget Seay, Executive Director of Customer Experience & Commercial Consulting, epocrates

Bridget Seay of epocrates delves into drug launches in a digital-forward market, exploring how pharmaceutical companies can navigate complex patient journeys, strike a balance between traditional and digital marketing tactics, and ethically engage with healthcare professionals and empowered patients amidst ever-changing regulations.