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AI Frontiers: Navigating the Risks, Rewards, and Regulations


Senior editor Fran Pollaro chats with Sharlene Jenner, vice president of engagement strategy, Abelson Taylor about the transformative impact and ethical considerations of AI in the pharmaceutical industry, emphasizing its potential in data analysis and marketing, while also highlighting the pioneering work of AI companies in advancing drug discovery.

Welcome to a riveting episode of the Pharm Exec podcast, where we dive headfirst into the transformative world of AI in healthcare with Sharlene Jenner, vice president of engagement strategy with the award-winning agency Abelson Taylor. This enlightening conversation traverses the advancements and potential risks of AI, the revolution it is stirring in pharmaceutical marketing, and its game-changing role in understanding complex protein structures. Amid the rapid innovation, we explore the urgent need for ethical guidelines and regulations to keep pace with technology.

About the speaker

Sharlene Jenner, vice president of engagement strategy with Abelson Taylor, has over 18 years in the strategy and digital field and is an industry speaker and coach/mentor. Jenner teaches a course on "Artificial Intelligence and Personalization for Digital Marketers" for Southern Methodist University. She is passionate about developing interactions through emerging technologies that bridge gaps, creating opportunities and helping companies leverage their strengths for success. She has leadership experience in a variety of industries including hotel/hospitality, consumer goods, small business, retail marketing, domestic manufacturing, staffing and health care. This diverse past gives her a unique perspective when it comes to translating marketing strategy to its digital components for all kinds of consumers. Jenner is an empathetic servant leader who focuses on creating high performing teams and helping others succeed. She was named a Top Woman Leader in Dallas in 2022. Jenner has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from University of Texas-Dallas and a master’s degree in business administration from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

About the Pharm Exec Podcast

The editors of Pharmaceutical Executive bring you the latest commercial insights to master the science of success. Podcast episodes examine current trends, key conferences, and critical topics in the bio/pharmaceutical industry.

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