Ira Studin, PhD

Ira Studin, PhD, MPH, is president of Stellar Managed Care Consulting, a pharma busines strategies firm in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He has written Strategic Healthcare Management and numerous articles in healthcare business journals. He can be reached at


Continuity and Decline of the Pharma Value Proposition

Ira Studin takes a look at how pharma manufacturers can address extreme pricing and build legitimacy into commercialization to avoid an industry-wide crisis.

New Horizons in Pharmaceutical Managed-Care Marketing

The marketing challenge for every business is to sell products against a backdrop of competitive forces, technological developments, and established industry rules. While change is a constant, the natural tendency within each of these zones is to operate in some kind of normalcy, and for the relationships among them to interact in equilibrium. There are times, of course, when profound change occurs. These might be called "tipping points," where the weight of something new overwhelms the established logic.