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Titan Pharmaceuticals and Indegene: Partnering for the Post-COVID Landscape


Titan Pharmaceuticals' Sunil Bhonsle and Indegene's Jamie Peck talk about their new partnership and how it will move forward in the post-COVID environment.

Launching during Lockdown


Immunomedics’ CFO/CBO Usama Malik discusses how a lot of good planning and a little good fortune helped the company to achieve its “virtual launch” amid the coronavirus crisis.

Almirall and Digital Health: Skin in the Game

Pharmaceutical Executive


Accelerator program seeks to nourish promising innovation.

Tackling a "Genius Virus": Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong


Physician, company CEO, surgeon, philanthropist, and owner of the LA Times, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong talks about his progress developing a COVID-19 treatment and his goal to produce a billion doses to tackle the virus worldwide.